Kamis, 29 April 2010

Keep Our Environment Green

Now, our environment is not green again. Every day, people cut the trees but they don’t plant new trees again. So, we must keep our environment green from now. If not, there will be no trees again in the world. How to keep our environment green is easy. Everybody can do it. There are some ways to keep our environment green.

First way, we can plant trees at our house and school. Trees will make oxygen for our life and reduce the pollution from cars, motorcycles, buses and factories.

Second way, we must throw garbage in the garbage can. We musn’t throw garbage in the river because it will make the water cannot flow smoothly. If we still do that, it will cause flood.

Third way, we must recycle papers. Papers are made of wood. If we don’t recycle the papers, the using of woods will be increase. But, if we recycle papers, we don’t need trees again to make new papers.

Fourth way, we must protect our forests. In the forests, there are a lot of trees. Everyday, people come to the forests to cut the trees. They use the trees to make furnitures, papers, houses and many more. If we don’t protect our forests, the population of trees will be decrease and the animals will be die because they don’t have place to live and food to eat.

If we can do all of them from now, I guarantee that our environment will become green. Animal will not die and there will be no flood again. The most important thing is we can live at the earth for a long time.

So, from now, we must do something that can keep our environment green. If everybody can plant two trees everyday, in the next year and the next year, there will be billion trees in the world. So, let’s keep our environment green and make our life more beautiful.

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